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Director Message

"It gives me great pride and satisfaction to write about Lieutenant Anirudh Shukla Mahavidyala, Fatehpur, Barabanki. We are passing through a tremendously changing process and our young generation must be accordingly trained, so that, they can address these challenges effectively, timely and meaningfully.

In the present national scenario, everywhere, there is problem of poverty, disorder in family, invasion on culture, mistrust, corruption, violence, terrorism etc and no confidence and fear prevail among people. If there is no peace among people of the nation there cannot be any creativity, and it will lead to lower productivity. To counter this situation the only option left with the nation is education.

This College, under the able guidance and leadership of Shri. Vijay Kumar Shukla is flying high with the mission of "Education for all", from early to modern education, in the small native town area Fatehpur where he has dedicated most of his precious time . The mission "Education for all" specially for rural areas culminated into Lieutenant Anirudh Shukla Mahavidyala, Fatehpur, Barabanki . This is a great contribution of Shri. Vijay Kumar Shukla towards rural society.

We, at LTASM, provide excellent infrastructure, competent faculty, lush green environment for learning and all other facilities required for modern education. The main aim of this  College is to provide modern education in the field of arts, commerce, science & computer to the youth of Fatehpur and its nearby villages."

Principal Message

Manager Message

First of all I welcome all of you in the college. You will be taught by the best teachers of the area. I assure you that all of your needs will be taken care of to get best out of college. Our College has a good library as well as vast play grounds. The college conducts extracurricular and cultural activities to make all around development of its students. I am delighted that you have chosen our college which renders adequate guidance and assistance in understanding the creativity, scientific and managerial skills of bachelor level graduates.

Our collective input is integral to my belief that this is our College and all of us can learn best to our potentials. I would like to focus on the concept of “TEAM”, i.e. Together Everyone Achieves More in the best interests of our whole College community.

Well it is now time to do something for yourself. The College offers you many courses to keep the mind and the body in tune. Leave your woes behind and join a course conducted by our college and make new friends while learning some new and exciting skills. Form a group of friends and enroll together into a course. What a great way to enjoy an outing and to gain a new skill at the same time.

We have got some talented teaching staff whose commitment to teaching is reflected through the efficient use of effective methodologies, professional skills and infusion of technology. Our Lecturers are diverse, spirited, hardworking, creative, motivated, committed.

At last I would like to say,”Come, join our institute, and feel the difference”.